SOC 212



SOC 212


Final Fall 2018
Final Fall 2018 Article PDF
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Research Methods 212

Posted below are the additional required course readings for selected weeks.

Inerview Presentation
Litature Review Presentation
Sampling Presentation
Conceptualization Presentation V2
Conceptualization Presentation
Wright Brothers Presentation
Annotated Bibliography
Ethics PresentationJAPA-Green Cities article
Neuman Ch1 Presentation
Neuman Ch2 Presentation
Berger Mills Reading
Wright Brothers Article
Defining Sociology Lecture 1
Pollock Reading
Readability Test
Cognitive Mapping
Ethics Presentation
Ethics Clip from 60 Minutes
Literature Review Lecture
Additional Ethics Slides
Understanding Research Design Presentation
Measurement Presentation
The Logic of Sampling Presentation
Quantitative Research (Intro) Presentation
Guatemala Case
Tuskegee Case
NYTimes Amy Cuddy
Content Analysis Article


Lab Readings and Assignments

Article Critique
Literature Review Guidelines
Literature Review Table (Sample)
Literature Review
Research Design Assignment

IRB Certification
Additional Link to IRB Certification
Ethics Lab Activity
Writing Workshop
Bounds Abstract
Research Topic Introduction
Quant Article for Analysis
Cognitive Mapping Presentation
Content Analysis Presentation
Commercial (Bud)
Commercial (Corona)
Content Analysis Assignment
Resume Help Link #1
Resume Help Link #2
Informed Consent Lesson Plan
Excel Assignment
NYC GOV Social Data
IQ Article
Annotated Article Assignment
Informed Consent Sample