Artistic Projects


My book is a witty and engaging tale of friendship between two women, a sassy young bookworm and a 100-year-old ghost. It draws on the appeal of comparable titles such as Bridgette Jones’s Diary, The Notebook, and Julie & Julia. In addition, the novel shares the little-known history of the “Hello Girls,” an all-female U.S. Army unit that served in Europe during WWI.

Penny Haskell, a New Yorker, discovers an old diary written by Emily, a young woman who lives in Charleston during WWI. Intrigued by the commonalities of women’s lives across time, Penny tries to understand her own life by responding to Emily’s entries. To her surprise, the dead pen pal writes back hinting that a secret about Penny’s past life has extraordinary consequences for finding true love. Soon, Penny starts to slip between her two lives: her rich life as an independent woman in the Big Apple and her past life as a “Hello Girl” stationed in Paris.

This project draws on all my passions—city life, history, and humor. The book is based on an actual diary written by a young woman during WW1.